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Anonymous: Why do most of you porn bloggers stop giffing from Sean Cody?

Because SeanCody can get us bloggers deleted.

SC literally just updated their Terms & Conditions after they deleted some popular bloggers. Before, we could get away with it, as long as we didn’t monetize their stuff.

But since the new Terms & Conditions, 3rd party members who receive money from SeanCody property (images, video, audio…etc), without SC’s knowledge & approval- The main blog who gifs from SC gets in trouble.

I’m not sure I’m making sense, but bottom-line: Main blogs that gifs from SeanCody will get in trouble from this, because of other blogs that monetize & steals our gifs.
Even blogs that just reblogs from the gif makers, monetizes their reblogged stuff, still violates SC’s new Policy + Term & Conditions.

So… that’s pretty much it.